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About Us

Nick Groom is the Managing Director of gdz and through his various senior sales and marketing roles has been organising events for customers and staff for more than 25 years. From small to large, from cheap to expensive, from product launches through to customer thought leadership events, sales conventions and conferences. One thing clearly stands out and which is true for every type of event; the more effort you (the company) put in, the more reward (ROI) you get out.

There are some great events on the calendar and some terrific suppliers of those events. If the company isn’t properly engaged early enough however, or puts the right effort or emphasis and commitment into the event, then the money spent can often be wasted and could have been better used elsewhere.

gdz has come about as a result of a gap in the market. Where companies have chosen events and picked a supplier, the job is only half complete; the hard part is the pre-event organisation, choosing the customers, the mix of attendees and making sure they attend. As important is also gaining an understanding of the value created or anticipated from a particular event.

In reality without real attention at this part of the process, we get the wrong customers as we invite them too late in the day, don’t really understand their needs or have too high a proportion of “mates” in the business who probably can’t give us a lot more than they do currently. A high proportion of them will drop out beforehand and they will get replaced with back office worthy causes and therefore we end up with little or no value to the organisation.

gdz understand this and have developed a proposition to build efficient and sustainable event strategies.