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Event Management

gdz offers a complete bespoke Event Management service for its clients.

We have comprehensive knowledge through real first-hand experience to deliver creative, successful
and quality events within budget. We also know that each event has its own identity, is unique and
needs careful planning and execution.

gdz has teamed up with various specialists to form a premier division events team that will help you
to maximise the value and outcome from your event(s). In particular we will:

  1. Create a detailed plan with you so that we can build effective and innovative models and scenarios that we can present to you for your agreement and sign-off.
  2. Use our procurement expertise and buying power to deliver the best quality components and at the best price.
  3. Ensure that we help you to create the appropriate invitation list and anticipation and loyalty from customers or staff for the event(s).
  4. Manage all aspects of the registration, event details and what’s expected for your attendees.
  5. Have the right team onsite to manage the execution and fulfilment of the event, keeping in touch with you every step of the way.
  6. Be on hand to resolve and troubleshoot any issues, disruptions and incidents that could derail, or threaten the success of the event.
  7. Ensure that the appropriate and worthwhile feedback is gathered to help build ROI models to enable full event justification and value so that you can easily resell future new events and the continuation of existing events on the calendar.

Tools – we will utilise all of the available tolls that gdz have produced to maximise value:

PERC – Predictive Event Return Calculator

This will enable us to help create efficiencies within all end-to-end processes, saving money and
building value from outset.

PAM – Predictive Activity Modeller

PAM will help us to build the right attendance and delegate lists, create an ROI model and ensure
the right measurements are in place to maximise value from the event(s).

WEB Landing Page

We can help you to build a unique and specific website for your particular event or events that will
create anticipation, good feeling and loyalty towards the event, maximising attendance, reducing no-
shows, and keeping delegates attached for training or education purposes post-event.

Call us now on 01832 720392 for a quote, a general chat or an example of some of the events we
have delivered.