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gdz event analysts launch March 17th

Well here it is, the day the business was let properly loose on the corporate world, we are holding a small gathering of city folk in the Minories where we will enjoy a glass of champagne, perhaps a glass of the black stuff (as it’s also St Patricks Day) and a kick off presentation to discuss why we have entered the market at this point and what we have built. Let me know if you want to come along, and we will reserve your place.

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  1. Good luck with the launch of gdz – I look forward to seeing you at the launch and hearing more about the business.

  2. Nick
    A really well organised launch, so well done. The demonstration of PAM really showed what can be done to help clients get a better handle on events. It should really enhance the consultancy aspects.
    It was also good to meet many of the other guests and also the guys who have helped you with the development.

  3. It was great to meet up with everyone at the launch event, and even better to hear the excitement that this is starting to generate around the scientific modeller we are building for gdz. Keep coming back for further updates in the very near future…

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