How we do it | GDZ Event Analysts

How we do it

gdz consults with you to understand your events’ schedule and the rationale for the programme. We carry out an accurate analysis of current and proposed spend on hospitality and the different corporate activities required. We will feedback to you the main areas for potential change that may bring about improved efficiencies and greater value to your business through more sales and greater customer loyalty. We can then work with you to fully unlock the knowledge of your customers to enable us to feed our unique scientific Predictive Activity Modeller (PAM*) which will enable us to deliver the following tailored objective analysis:

• assesses and calculates the priorities for invitation
• match the results to event types and clients’ rules
• the quality level (and therefore the cost) of the hospitality required

We then assess the appropriate mix of customers with you and your relationship managers and most importantly what return on investment (ROI) your business might achieve by modeling various different broad event strategies tailored within your budget. We will then construct a specific and tailored Event Timetable following a thorough review of your exact requirements. We will use the outputs from the PAM* to construct these timetables for you to review. This will take information from the annual events calendar and locate the most appropriate events based upon the customers who are the most important to your business, their exact requirements and geography etc.

Once we have agreed an exact timetable for your needs, we can then select the most appropriate event suppliers from our Search and Procurement facility. The search function will provide you with several supplier options for your event needs. Together we can then choose the right match based on your exact requirements. For large events this function is critical as the choice of supplier can be the success or failure of the event and therefore choosing the appropriate company for your specific needs is extremely important.