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Consulting Service

By engaging the Consulting Service we will help you to understand what value you are currently achieving from your events budget and what ROI might be possible from working with gdz further. 

We will spend time with you to look at how your event process works and how effective this may have been historically.  We will review your customers with you and the financial metrics that you use.  We will be able to offer up possible improvements in terms of how much extra value could be achieved by what steps taken and at what cost (if any) to your organisation.

Other areas we can comment upon are around the compliance of your current approach and how we could create a more organised and documented process that will help towards any record keeping needed under the new Bribery Act.  In addition we can also comment on how good the sales process is and how effective Key Account Planning (KAP) may help optimise sales from the corporate events budget.  We can also review the carbon footprint of your organisation if required to see if there are improvements to be made from your events schedule.