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Timetable Construction and Management

gdz appreciate that selecting, organising and running corporate events is not necessarily your core business.  We can manage the organisation of the chosen timetable and work closely with you to execute each event in a detailed and efficient way.

Driving greater value from the corporate hospitality budget is not just choosing the right customers to go to the right event, although that in itself is a great start!  We do need to get them invited early and in a way that develops event loyalty that has a huge knock-on effect to the value created.  Therefore we aim to invite customers to events they want to go to and before anyone else (competitors for example) do so, simple but effective!

gdz will then support the process with the appropriate invitation tools and create an event “network” to bring the customers together before the event.  This customer networking site will discuss aspects such as; team selection in a sporting event, the topic if a thought leadership event or the leading lady or man in the new West End production and how we have managed to get them to attend the after performance party for example and what we might ask them.  

Event loyalty then turns into event participation and attendance instead of a high proportion of customers dropping out and getting replaced by back office worthy causes and impacting heavily on the available working event capital.

Close liaison between gdz and the sales teams will ensure that we create the optimum event customer mix along with the right relationship managers from the company - in turn leading to a great customer experience and therefore improved ROI for you.