Why you need gdz? | GDZ Event Analysts

Why you need gdz?

Do you know what return you get from your corporate events spend?

Do you have a compliant history of which customers went where and at what cost?

Are you able to calculate how much people who drop-out from events late in the day cost you as a business?

Are you aware of how “green” your events schedule is?

Do you think that for your corporate hospitality you are Bribery Act compliant?

Does your invitation process get your best customers to the right events?

Are you paying the right price for your events from the suppliers and are you getting value for money?

Are you able to calculate the effectiveness of all your events at each event or customer level?

Do you know your customers well enough to be able to create the perfect event schedule for them?

Are you really making the most of your corporate events budget?

Are you aware of what you could save as a result of approaching your events schedule in a different way?

Are you confident that you could cut your events budget and not jeopardise your business?

If you have answered “no” to any of these questions then gdz can help you.